Saturday, December 10, 2005

Another Friday night at the PB Pub

Sitting at the bar, it seems there is so much that is unveiled, revealed at that special moment. But really it's just the alcohol, the mental solitute within the social tsunami. I find myself looking up from my drink, I'm at the far end of the bar next to the ATM machine, beyond even John the old man who everyone knows but no one talks to. I talk with the old guy, he's some sort of chemist for the city and he's got an entire life behind his glasses, beard, and beer. Of course everyone does, but we seem to forget that so easy too often.

The bartenders Josh and Michelle are both characters. Josh is a very tall, very tattooed dude from San Diego. Michelle is a cute wife and mother of a little kid. She's one of those women that is attractive, no doubt, but she's even more attractive since she is taken and happy and doing her thing. You know that energy that people have when they are in a relationship and happy with it. They are simply more attractive for it. I watch guys hit on her, see her ring or hear her say she's married, and then just shut down and treat her like she's just another ugly girl.

I sit there in the bar and all these social exchanges take place around me. I feel like I've been granted access to some behind the scenes footage. I feel like an alien observing a strange society. I feel like I'm not even there.